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Welcome, come on in...glad you've stopped by. Divinity  is my first saga to date and will most certainly not be my last! My writing background goes as far back as junior high school, mostly for hobby. Reading a book and writing are absolute favorite pasttimes for me and I am extremely excited to finally be able to share my passion with the world. My curiosities tend to lie in areas that most people would find questionable like aliens, ghosts, the supernatural, etc. those make the best stories I always say. I love all things creative, cooking, painting, arts and crafts and the like. I currently reside in Lonestar state and spend the majority of my time working a regular nine to five job. I give thanks to my two nearly grown children who have both inspired and helped me realize this dream as well as to  friends, fans and future fans!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Novel of Supernatural proportions August 29, 2013
"Susan nails it! This novel will leave you wanting more, No Begging for more! It's a must read for everyone. You wont be disappointed. Get your copy today and be prepared to read it straight through with no breaks!!"